Have you ever been in an accident in Saskatchewan? As a resident, you may know that you are automatically insured with basic no-fault auto insurance when you plate your vehicle in Saskatchewan. This foundation is a key part of protecting drivers and allowing equal access to insurance for residents. 


However, many drivers don’t realize that keeping their basic coverage is often insufficient. In addition, in the event of an accident, you could be responsible for more associated costs than you might realize. This is why many insurance brokers are advocating for increased education about auto insurance in the province. In this blog, we talk about why it is important to consider customizing your auto pack to suit your unique needs so that you are protected in any situation. 


What does basic auto insurance in Saskatchewan cover? 


In this province, we are automatically given no-fault insurance when we plate our vehicles. In Saskatchewan, drivers are also able to choose tort insurance, if they wish. No-fault insurance provides basic coverage for drivers who are in a collision, accident, or hit and run. 

When registering a vehicle in Saskatchewan, drivers receive a basic package of no-fault  insurance that is included with their licence plates. This insurance consists of:


  • Third-party liability insurance of up to $200,000 for damage caused by the driver to another property or person;
  • Coverage for damage to the driver’s vehicle, subject to a deductible of $700; and
  • Personal injury insurance, should the driver become injured due to a collision.

 rear end collision

While basic insurance offers foundational coverages, many drivers may not realize that these will not be adequate enough to help drivers who may be involved in a serious accident. Additionally, any damages above the limits of the policy will need to be paid by the at-fault driver –– an expense that many could not afford. With less than half of all insured drivers having more than a basic policy, insurance brokers across the province are concerned. Compared to other provinces, a significantly higher percentage of drivers only have the basic liability coverage, which is inadequate for most major claims––for insurance brokers, this is a significant consumer and public risk. 


Saskatoon, you can customize your insurance deductible! 


A deductible is an amount you must pay before your insurance covers the cost of the accident––most vehicles with basic plate insurance have a $700 deductible. In the case of an accident, $700 can seem like a lot of money. In addition, if you’re found at fault in a collision, you will be responsible for both your deductible and that of the other driver. Creating a package policy that works for you means that you can customize your deductible amount. In addition, if you’re at fault in an accident, your policy can cover the deductible and damages of the other driver. 


In the case of a hit & run or theft, the driver will still be responsible for their deductible unless a responsible party is identified. This is one great reason to customize your deductible amount, especially if you live in an area that is prone to car thefts and vandalism. While a broken window is covered under your auto-insurance, if you have home or tenant insurance you can recoup the cost of any items stolen from your vehicle. We work hard to build an insurance plan that works for you to protect all your belongings and assets. Talk to your trusted LaRoche McDonald insurance broker about how to choose the policy that works best for you. 


Customized coverage is the smart choice for Saskatchewan drivers


While basic insurance provides an accessible foundation for all Saskatchewan drivers, it is only intended to act as a foundation that drivers can build on. The Insurance Brokers Association of Saskatchewan (IBAS) has launched a campaign to encourage drivers to add additional liability coverage to their basic policy. 


In the event of a claim, the at-fault driver can be responsible for the medical expenses, lost income, damages to property, and the death of a victim. The standard liability costs are woefully insufficient to cover these potential costs. IBAS believes that many drivers don’t realize that they can be held responsible for these costs and will have to pay out-of-pocket for expenses exceeding their insurance coverage. 

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Extended coverage is there when you need it


We can’t predict accidents, but statistics show that there are 50 collisions per 1,000 licensed drivers every year. These statistics show that even those who think they are very good drivers can make mistakes, and your package policy is there to help. With customizable personal liability coverage, deductibles, and extended medical and life insurance benefits, you can enjoy the drive. 


In addition to accidents, your package policy can protect you from: 


  • Car thefts and break-ins 
  • Vandalism 
  • Hit and run accidents 
  • Broken windows
  • Animal collisions 


Do you use your personal vehicle for work? 


If you use your vehicle for work, you are at a significantly increased risk for an accident. If your vehicle is essential for your work, additional coverage can ensure there is no interruption in your day if you are in an accident. Extended policies can include coverage for a rental vehicle as well as coverage for cargo in your vehicle––talk to us to learn more about using your personal vehicle for work. 


A package policy for your vehicle protects you. 


Even the best drivers can be tired, distracted, or driving in poor weather conditions. Upgrading your basic vehicle insurance is the only way to guarantee you are covered. Talk to your trusted LaRoche McDonald insurance broker today to learn more about adding coverage to your basic policy. We are here to make sure you have the right coverage for your life.