Your home away from home is just as important as your primary residence. We want to help you protect it when you’re not there. Keep your secondary property protected from accidental damage, burglary, and more. Seasonal home insurance from LaRoche McDonald will ensure your vacation home continues to be an oasis of relaxation and save you money in the long run –– here’s how! 

Protect Your Home away from Home

If you have a secondary dwelling or seasonal getaway, we can provide seasonal home insurance covering many of the same things as your primary home insurance policy. Whether it’s a lake town cottage, a cabin-in-the-woods, a condo, a ski chalet, a parked trailer or mobile home, or wherever you escape to—we can help keep it safe in the face of the unexpected. 

With our seasonal home insurance coverage, you can protect the dwelling itself, any detached private structures such as a shed or garage, your personal property, and the dwellings’ contents on the property. In addition, we offer coverage options for your boats, ATVs and other sport vehicles, as well as other large equipment stored at your seasonal property. 

Our experienced brokers can guide you toward your best coverage plan. 

There are a few different coverage options for your seasonal property. The best option for you is dependent on several factors, including :

  • Your primary home insurance policy plan 
  • How often the seasonal property is occupied
  • The age of the seasonal property 
  • Where it’s located and how it’s accessed 
  • Whether you use the property as a vacation rental when you’re not there – in which case you may need to consider rental property insurance. 

Saskatoon, we work with you every step of the way! 

In the process of selecting an insurance policy, you’ll probably encounter terminology that may not yet be familiar. Our brokers will go over each part of your policy with you, so you don’t have to worry about the fine print. We are dedicated to quality and customer service, so we review your policy regularly to ensure your needs are being met. Do you have any questions? Reach out to us today –– choose expertise.