With Spring around the corner, it is an important time to check in with your trusted Laroche McDonald broker about your flood coverage. Homeownership has many benefits, but spring melting can cause serious damage to basements, storage units, seasonal homes, and more. In this blog, we dive into the ins and outs of water and sewer coverage for homeowners.

Saskatoon homeowners are at risk for water and sewer damage!

The prairies are beautiful, but living near the river means that we can be prone to risk from water damage. In addition, in many of Saskatoon’s older neighbourhoods, damage to water lines is common. In fact, Saskatchewan-based homeowners are twice as likely to experience water damage than from fire or theft! These risks mean that it is prudent to invest in a water and sewage insurance package that can help you mitigate the cost and long-term burden of water and sewer damage.

In Saskatoon, many established neighbourhoods are more likely to experience flooding than new suburban areas. The infrastructure in these neighbourhoods is in the process of being upgraded, but homes in those areas may still experience flooding from groundwater and sewage during storms and spring melting.

What types of flooding are covered by my home insurance policy in Saskatchewan?

There are four main types of water claim types for homeowners in Saskatoon. It is important to know the difference between the main kinds of water that enter your property so that you can properly file a claim and understand your coverage needs. If you live in an area where you are at risk for multiple kinds of water loss, then adding water protection and sewer back-up insurance is highly recommended.

1. Flood water

Water that rises above its normal level and causes damage to your property. An example of floodwater is a river or lake overflowing its banks.

2. Groundwater

This is water that enters your property below the surface, usually through your basement. Groundwater coverage is only available in limited circumstances where it is sudden and accidental and occurs alongside flood and surface water.

3. Surface water

This type of water enters the home through the ground level, often through windows and doors, and is often caused by sudden extreme rainfall or flash flooding events.

4. Sewer

Sewer backups are the most common claim for homeowners in Saskatoon. Sewer water is caused by a backup of water in the sewage drain, sump pump, or septic tank. 

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What is not covered by my water and sewer policy?

In cases where the water backup is frequent, you might not be eligible to claim for water and sewage damage. If water enters your property regularly, this becomes a maintenance issue and no longer qualifies for coverage. 

If you have groundwater seeping into your property through cracks in your basement, you will need to repair your basement to prevent further water damage from occurring. Recurring incidents of water damage will not be covered by your water and sewer coverage.

7 Common ways to prevent or remedy frequent water seepage in your basement. 

  • Installation or replacement of weeping tile
  • Water sensors can alert you to water before it causes significant damage
  • Adding or replacing a sump pump
  • Repairing and bracing your basement
  • Installing a backwater valve
  • Replacing  your basement
  • Replace or install window wells around your basement windows.

In addition, to preventing further harm to your home and basement, some of the remediations for flood-prone basements may make you eligible for a discount on the cost of your water and sewer coverage.

Adding water and sewage coverage to your home insurance is a safe bet!

No matter what level of coverage you choose, adding water and sewer converge to your home can prevent you from paying significant expenses and remediation costs entirely out of pocket. These  coverages can protect you in the face of the unknown––especially the unpredictable weather we are familiar with in Saskatchewan. Talk to one of our brokers about adding sewage coverage to your preventative arsenal along with making home improvements like a sump pump and backwater valve. 

Are you a tenant or seasonal homeowner? You can add water and sewage coverage to your policy to provide additional coverage that may not be covered by your policy or landlord’s insurance. Whether you rent or own a home, talk to us today about how you can enter spring ready for anything.